dashinsights is my little sand-box or a “one-man experimental lab” where I will be launching and working on stuff I really care about or interested in either in the mid-term or momentarily.

At dashinsights, I will be working on more than one project at a time – like little petri-dishes in a science lab.

Why this model for dashinsights?

As we age, reverence will be replaced by relevance. How do you keep relevant?

Life is fleeting and always in a state of flux. Nothing is permanent. Life and events around us are like the waves in an ocean – they arise and disappear. Our own life is like a wave – here now and gone in no time.

To be a successful human in this era of change, chaos and rapid change, I believe one needs to develop the mind and attitude of a surfer.

A surfer has no agenda other than catching the next wave; A surfer is a learner, doer and experimenter. A surfer is not afraid to fall as he realizes falling is part of catching the next wave and riding the turbulent waters; A surfer also has eyes on the horizon whilst being present in the present – he is living life moment-to-moment as that is the only way he can be on a fleeting wave! A surfer is fully engaged in his sport and completely detached from the outcomes. A surfer is playfully enlightened – a term I’ve come up with serendipitously.

So welcome to my little experiment on living life and being playfully enlightened 😉

Let’s create ruckus!