Dash Dhakshinamoorthy

Helping People Turn Ideas into Reality

“Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.” – Yoda

My name is Dash Dhakshinamoorthy.

I am an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur.

I help people turn ideas into reality. I create creators. Entrepreneurs are creators.

Everyone needs to be a creator. Why?

The diagram below are some truths of the world and our life as I see it.

The World – Uncertain, unpredictable, and complex. Assets turn into liabilities and abilities into disabilities in no time.

The Multi-Staged Life – most of us will experience longevity. We may live well into our 90s. Retirement is not a feasible option. We will need to transition from the lockstep 3-stage, learn-work-retire life to a multi-stage life-view with multiple transitions and re-creations.

A Fulfilled Life – More and more people are seeking fulfilment in work and life. A life doing what one always wanted to do that gives meaning and purpose.

How does one succeed in navigating such realities?

One can’t remain a cog in the wheel.

To remain relevant, one must learn to create. Constantly.

What one creates is a nexus between one’s inner-self and the outer world.

When the inner and outer are in sync, there can be meaning and purpose.

This is my mission in this stage of my life – to create the creator who creates stuff that serves people in a way that also makes meaning.

I am creating projects that does this for my small tribe. Stay tuned.