Dash Dhakshinamoorthy 
An Entrepreneur’s Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship Coach, Mentor & Ecosystem Builder

“Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself.” ― Richard Bach, Illusions, Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah  Hello. Welcome to my page. My name is Dash Dhakshinamoorthy. You can just call me Dash. This site, dashinsights.com is a work-in-progress, just like my life, or anyone’s life for that matter is. I guess it will never be completely done, until I am gone and even then there will be many unfinished stuff left undone. The idea of dashinsights came to me almost a decade ago or maybe even slightly earlier than that. But I did not act on it then, except for buying the domain name and registering both my Twitter and Instagram account as dashinsights. Sometime late last year (2019) and early this year I started working on this site, even then, not so consistently. But now I have an idea of where I am going with it..and what you may find here. What I care for the most is about the ongoing process of self-discovery and in becoming a better life journeyer. To me, a good life journeyer is like a surfer surfing the waves. A surfer is a learner, a doer and an experimenter. A surfer is not afraid to fall, as she is prepared to quickly climb back to ride the next wave only to sure to fall yet again. The surfer is present in the present whilst having her eye on the horizon for the next rising wave. A surfer is fully engaged but  completely detached from the wave she is on as she knows it is fleeting and there is going to be the next one coming her way.  A surfer is, in my view, playfully enlightened in that moment. That is the magic of a competent life journeyer. Involved but not attached. In this site, I plan to share my thoughts, my ruminations, insights I gather from the books I read, the people I talk to, the wines I drink, the places I visit and more. If all these can help you become a better life journeyer, I would have achieved my purpose. So lets begin….