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I didn’t know what “passion” or “vocation” was when I was growing up.  At that time, given my family circumstances it was all about studying, getting a qualification to earn a living and contributing to the family. What passion? 

With “working to earn a living” as the only narrative I was exposed to, choosing a career that was most accessible was a pragmatic approach. I chose accounting. It was accessible and affordable.

I quickly realised I made a mistake. I hated it. I was not the kind of guy who wanted to live my life sitting behind a desk. 

The chaos of creation was my calling. 

I dropped out when dropping out wasn’t even fashionable then. Never looked back. 

I went ahead and pursued a Masters degree in Business Administration first and later went on to complete a post-graduate in Entrepreneurship from a top university.

It was 1994. I was out of a job. I was inexperienced, had very little money and network. But, I was ready, ready for my first adventure.

Adventure 1 – 1994 

Launched my first venture.

Started with what I knew at that time : a consulting-accounting- company secretarial business.

My partner in the venture was my wife, an accountant who took care of the secretarial and accounting division whilst I was out and about  making deals and connections.

Was lucky to have been at the centre of a few interesting and lucrative deals, the conclusion of which placed me in a financially comfortable position. I was barely 30.

I was now ready for the next adventure.

…to be continued…