About Me

I am an old soul. I consider myself creative and love learning and reading widely and am a connoisseur of novel ideas.

I deeply care about meaning and purpose in what we do in our daily lives.

I enjoy putting wings on ideas. Most of my professional life has been about helping young people nurture meaningful ideas through entrepreneurial projects..

My idea and philosophy of entrepreneurship has evolved over the years. I used to view entrepreneurship as a way of launching new companies. But now I see entrepreneurship as a life-skill and a force for change. I am of the belief everyone, especially the young should become entrepreneurial though starting a company is not necessarily for everyone.

On a personal side, I am a dad to 3 lovely young adults – a pair of boy-girl twins and another younger boy. All three of them are currently in universities in Australia pursuing courses in their respective areas of interest.

I am married to the love of my life and we’ve been together for the last three decades. I hope to grow old with her.

Together we have two labradoodles. We love them dearly. They are silly dogs – they love us unconditionally.

I care about health and wellness. I fast for 20 hours a day and try to eat healthily. I also swim regularly and have recently participated in several open water swimming competitions.

I enjoy red wine and occasionally a good single-malt whisky.

I love yoga and plan to do more of it this year. I also need to meditate more.

Moving forward, I would like to try my hands on new things. I’ve given up a three-stage view of life (education followed by a career and then retirement). I am living a multi-stage life now – trying new stuff, failing at most and being reasonably good in some.

I hope you enjoy what’s emerging from this site….