About Me

“Most of life is a search for who and what needs you the most” – Naval Ravikant, Angel Philosopher, Founder, AngelList

I am 54. I am a swimmer and do take part in some Open Water Races for fun.

On a daily basis, my default state is a fasted one –  fasting for a minimum of 20 hours daily has become my lifestyle. I do, on regular intervals attempt some crazy five day water fasts. I love it.

I try to meditate and practice my movement exercises regularly and am a mindfulness enthusiast.

I believe hanging out in monasteries and with monks in my younger days has had a big influence in my world view – I am of the view we are here on our respective individual journeys towards self-realization.

I love ideas and thus an avid reader. My reading genres include biographies of people who have made an impact in the world, science and technology, history, current affairs, philosophy and sometimes fiction.

I like people and do enjoy networking extensively. I value intelligence, integrity and high energy amongst people I like to hang out with.

I am married (for 3 decades now with the only woman I love) and have three children who live and study in Australia. I have two lovely labradoodles.