About Me


“Most of life is a search for who and what needs you the most” – Naval Ravikant, Angel Philosopher, Founder, AngelList

I am 54. I am a swimmer and do take part in some Open Water Races for fun.

On a daily basis, my default state is a fasted one – fasting for a minimum of 20 hours daily has become my lifestyle. I do, on regular intervals attempt some crazy five day water fasts. I love it.

I try to meditate and practice my movement exercises regularly and am a mindfulness enthusiast.

I believe hanging out in monasteries and with monks in my younger days has had a big influence in my world view – I am of the view we are here on our respective individual journeys towards self-realization.

I love ideas and thus an avid reader. My reading genres include biographies of people who have made an impact in the world, science and technology, history, current affairs, philosophy and sometimes fiction.

I like people and do enjoy networking extensively. I value intelligence, integrity and high energy amongst people I like to hang out with.

I am married (for 3 decades now with the only woman I love) and have three children who live and study in Australia. I have two lovely labradoodles.


I believe in living a life of coherence : a life where you are able to connect between who you are, what you believe in and what you do.

A big part of my professional life has been about building entrepreneurial efficacy in the young (ages 15-25).

Entrepreneurial efficacy is one’s ability and believe in oneself to be a value creator. I believe everyone need to learn how to become a value creator.

BY that that I don’t mean or believe every young person has to or must become an entrepreneur. However, I do believe, every young person need to find the the kind of a footprint, no matter how small, they can leave on this earth.

To me this requires them to learn to become life-long discoverers or become, what I call, “need-finders”. Need-finders look for what the world needs them the most for and work on it to make the need into a project or venture they can work on to add value to their tribe.

Becoming a need-finder is an important and valuable life-skill and I believe the key components of need-finding skills can be developed by honing and developing one’s entrepreneurial self-efficacy or entrepreneurial abilities.

Most entrepreneurship skills’ programs teach the young how to build and launch a startup or a venture.

I think this approach is generally misguided.

Simon Bridge, Visiting Professor, Ulster University Business School argues the following in his paper titled, “Enterprise Education – some thoughts on teaching enterprise as a preparation for life” :

  • That “become an entrepreneur” and “become entrepreneurial” are not the same but unfortunate they are commonly misunderstood and share the similar approaches and content – essentially that of launching a new venture;
  • Being entrepreneurial is mistakenly seen as a subset of “being an entrepreneur – that knowing how to start a business will equip you to be more enterprising generally;
  • It has been widely observed the reverse is more likely to be the case – that ‘being an entrepreneur’ is the narrower concept which can be built on a broader ‘being entrepreneurial’ foundation.
“While learning how to start a business may not make people generally more enterprising, helping people to become more enterprising might lead to more of them thinking about starting a business. Indeed it could be argued that being enterprising is a necessary precondition for actually starting a business although it will also be helpful to learn how to do it”, writes Professor Bridge. IN a typical project or venture life-cycle, the need-finding skills are at the earliest. See below:

Almost all the programs and initiatives we know in the entrepreneurship space focuses on the “Delivery Phase” – the phase of actually launching and building and in some rare cases scaling a venture.

So if you are a young person and does not have a breakthrough idea to start a venture, where do you go? If you are a young person and don’t intend to be an entrepreneur but would like to leave an impact but are unsure on where you are most needed, where do you go to?

Thus, I focus on the “Discovery Phase”

Here I help my tribe with a journey in “self-discovery” – a “look within yourself” space before embarking on a journey to find their foot print.

Using the age old principles of self-awareness, mindfulness and the modern principles of design thinking and entrepreneurial tools, I help my tribe build an interesting version of themselves and also a project they can work on before it becomes a life passion.

I also help first-time and early stage entrepreneurs get from Ideas to First Customers !

Through a rigorous process which I’ve developed over the years with the help and wisdom of many thinkers and doers in the entrepreneurship domain and through my own experience in the startup space, I help people bring their ideas to fruition i.e. build their ventures step by step to the doors of their first customers!

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Thank you.