About Me

“Only Connect” – E.M.Forster

The idea “to connect” has always fascinated and stayed with me for decades.

I deeply believe in the inter-connectedness of the universe and life. To live a more  meaningful life that enables one to continually innovate and reinvent oneself, I am of the view that one must become aware of this inter-connectedness.

I love new and novel ideas. I am an avid reader and a seeker of knowledge and new experiences.

Stemming from this are my obsessions, passion and delight (call it what you may) in what I enjoy doing : bringing people together to spark novel connections that ignites deep meaningful conversations; and to help young people develop and shape their startup ideas into a project or venture that can really make an impact in the world.

Both of these have become my calling and vocation. This is where I spend most of my time on a daily basis.

Thus, I increasingly see my role as a weaver : someone who brings the relevant elements and connections together to bring value to my audience.

A brief summary of what I do professionally :

I help first-time and early stage entrepreneurs get from Ideas to First Customers !

Through a rigorous process which I’ve developed over the years with the help and wisdom of many thinkers and doers in the entrepreneurship domain and through my own experience in the startup space, I help people bring their ideas to fruition i.e.  build their ventures step by step to the doors of their first customers!

Most venture building initiatives focus on the nitty-gritty of the “building phase” – a phase that focuses on the form and structure of the venture.

I spend more time and effort in the “search” or “discovery” phase – the pre-building phase that forces the entrepreneur to look outside, examine the actual needs the venture aims to solve and to truly and deeply understand the real unmet-needs of the target customer.

I thus help develop better “need-finders” – an important skill that brings to bear, all the key elements of innovation: associating (connecting different ideas); questioning, observing, networking and experimenting*.

(*The Innovator’s DNA, Clayton Christensen et al, Harvard Professor of Innovation)

Need-finders” are curious learners and discoverers. They view the world with “new eyes”.

My mission is to bring the skills of a “need-finder” to our education institutions – schools & universities. I believe this is where these skills must first be seeded if we want to build an innovative society. I am also keen to help organizations develop these skills in their people.

As a weaver, I also play an active role as an entrepreneurship ecosystem builder. With my global network of community builders and entrepreneur evangelists, I am able to bring a global perspective and expertise in building an entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially in developing countries.

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Thank you.