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I am an ideas, knowledge & people weaver!

I connect people, knowledge and ideas together in creative and unique ways to bring value to the customers or the audience I serve.

E.M. Forster’s “ONLY CONNECT” – is my mantra and DNA!

My specialty is in the area of startup entrepreneurship – specifically from ideas to an early stage of a venture.

I help first time and nascent entrepreneurs especially from developing countries discover the power of ideas and how to turn their ideas into sustainable and meaningful ventures.

I design and deliver programs, bootcamps and events to help entrepreneurs achieve this goal.

I also bring to bear the vast network I’ve built over 3 decades both globally and locally in the startup domain.

This is my passion and specific knowledge – to help people in their journey of self-discovery and to unlock the spirit of enterprise within them.

As a weaver, I am both a connector and a catalyst for the formation of many relationships as well as the coming together of new combinations of ideas and people.

I am a people person. I thrive on human connection, a good conversation and much camaraderie.

As a connoisseur of life and people,  I love to observe and listen without judgement – a “choiceless observer” as my favourite philosopher, J.Krishnamurti would say.

“Choiceless observers”, are somewhat outsiders. They stand on the edge – as a critic of a play does. They observe and watch and see things neither the actor nor the audience see. They listen intently and reflect.

I am a voracious reader. The genres I read ranges from history to philosophy, current affairs to memoirs, business and technology.

My daily life comprises of a physical workout regime which comprises of yoga, some movement exercises and swimming. Recently I’ve taken a liking for long distance open water swimming.

I generally eat once a day, mostly protein and fat and try to maintain a lean body. I do love an occasional glass or two of red wine;)

Thank you for dropping by. Hope you found something useful here.

If you have any feedback or ideas on how I can improve the site or do more of what I do, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Thank you and don’t give up any opportunity to be awesome 😉